Worship God as Sovereign

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Worship God as Sovereign

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Last week we learned that true, vertical identity is rooted in worshiping God as Creator. Using Psalm 139:13-16 as our primary text, we were reminded that every part of our person - physical, emotional, intellectual, etc - is uniquely designed by God. Today, we'll return to Psalm 139 and discover a second pillar of worship that supports a true, vertical sense of identity.

Pillar 2: Vertical identity is rooted in worshiping God as Sovereign.

Many of your struggles are often the result of a collision between your plans and God's. Although you knew exactly what you wanted to accomplish and those things that you were determined to avoid, your life didn't unfold as you planned. In some scenarios, it seems as if life is totally out of your control. But, you must rest in the fact that every situation, circumstance, location, experience, and relationship of your life has been under the wise and careful administration of the Lord Almighty.

He has known from the beginning exactly what He was going to do and exactly why He did it. From His vantage point there are no slip-ups, no oversights, no accidents, no misunderstandings, and no mistakes. Nothing has fallen through the cracks. Let's go back to Psalm 139: "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be" (Psalm 139:16b).

Wow! It's a view of human identity that takes your breath away. I DO NOT write my own story; it has been written for me. My job is to live inside of the plot that God has written for me in the way I have been called by Him to live.

There's a direct connection between delusions of personal sovereignty and the crushing disappointments that grip us in life. We forget who we are and begin to believe that our hands are really the hands on the joystick. We work with dedication and perseverance, but we work like little sovereigns, rather than resting in the One who is sovereign.

God is sovereign. You and I are not. This isn't just theology; IT IS OUR IDENTITY. God is in absolute control, and He is infinitely good.

  1. Is your life more a picture of resting in His control, or of a quest for your own control?
  2. Share some moments where God proved to be a good and loving Author of your story.
  3. How can you comfort yourself (or others) when life doesn't seem to be making sense?

God bless

Paul David Tripp

Posted by Benjamin Fallon at 7:30 AM
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