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Wednesday's Word

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3 Ways To Live By Faith When Life Makes No Sense At All

On October 19, 2014, my life changed. I was in acute renal failure and didn't know it. If I had waited another week to see a doctor, I would have been dead. During my ten-day hospital stay, I experienced the most horrible pain I had ever experienced. This was followed by six surgeries in two years, rendering me physically weaker than I had ever been in my life. If my physical suffering wasn't enough, I was equally as discouraged emotionally and spiritually. These two years of... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Four Ways To Live By Faith As An Alien

One of my sons has a video production company and works with a lot of major networks and designers in New York City and Los Angeles. He said to me once, "If I were to share some of my views on life with some of the people that I work with, they would think I’m from another planet!" Even if you reside in a traditionally conservative part of the world, living out an authentic Christian faith at street-level should make you feel like a stranger and an exile (Hebrews 11:13).... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, August 9, 2017
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Two More Principles For A Strong Faith

Last week I asked if you believed in the existence of God. Today I want to ask a similar question with another obvious answer. Do you believe in the Word of God? Before you answer, remember: the Christian faith is dramatically more than just an intellectual belief. It's not enough for us to simply believe that the Word of God is true, living and active (Hebrews 4:12). Our faith in, and study of, the Bible should radically change our life at street-level. I love what Hebrews 11... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, August 2, 2017
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Two Truths To Strengthen Your Faith

Do you believe that God exists? I'm guessing that if you subscribe to my email list and opted-in to receive biblical teaching every week, you believe. If you believe in the existence of God, that means you have faith, right? Yes … but it's not that simple. According to the Bible's definition, if you have faith, it also should mean that you have drawn near to God, that you seek to please him, and that you value what he values (Hebrews 11:6) Is that the reality of... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Three Elements Of Hope

When you woke up today, what was the first thing you hoped for? Maybe it was for a better night of sleep. Or a pain-free day. Or a traffic-free commute. Maybe you hoped for a successful presentation at work. Or perhaps you just hoped that someone had left you something for breakfast! Maybe, by grace, you hoped to please the Lord with everything you thought, said, and did. Perhaps you hoped for opportunities to minister or witness to lost and hurting people. Everybody is motivated by... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, July 19, 2017
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Are You Too Happy With Your Life?

What about your life makes you happy? Does your spouse make you happy, despite their quirks and flaws? Do your kids make you happy, despite their foolish and selfish behavior? Does your job make you happy, even though sometimes you wish you didn’t have to work? Does your house make you happy, even though it might not be the HGTV house of your dreams? Does your church make you happy, even though the pastor might not be the best communicator or the worship isn’t your ideal... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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What Does God Ask Of You?

Have you ever tried to cram final words of instruction into the ears of someone, right before you leave them on their own to do something significant? Maybe that's as a parent, dropping a child off at overnight camp or university. Maybe that's as a coach or teammate, right before the big game starts. Maybe that's as a co-worker or boss, in the moments leading up to that huge presentation. Whenever I read Deuteronomy 10:12—22, I feel like I'm listening in on a similar... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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4 Ways To Experience The Fullness Of Life

Shrink wrap was a genius invention. The scientific brilliance behind it is that it always shrinks down to the exact size of whatever it has been wrapped around. Whether it's a piece of beef jerky or a boat in winter storage, the plastic molecules contour to the shape of the item to preserve and protect it. Sin has a similar effect to shrink wrap, but not in a beneficial way. On the contrary, our sinful hearts cause damage by shrinking our life down to the size of selfish desires. ... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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A Death That Leads To Life

When my mother was in her last dying moments in the hospital, artificially kept alive by technology, I avoided going into her room for as long as possible. Medically, I knew her death was unavoidable. Spiritually, I knew her death would lead to eternal life. But neither prepared me for the moment when she breathed her last. Death should be universally hated. Some deaths produce a deeper grief than others, but any type of death should be counterintuitive to the human experience. God... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, June 21, 2017
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A Way That Leads To Death

One of the biggest spiritual dangers that Christians experience on this side of eternity is death masquerading as life. The enemy will promise life, but what it actually results in is death. It was the lie that tricked Adam and Eve, and frustratingly, our sinful hearts continue to fall for the false promises. That's why we need to remind ourselves daily of the warning in Proverbs 14:12 - "There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death." ... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, June 14, 2017
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