Four Things To Know About You

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Four Things To Know About You

Last week I wrote an Article entitled "Four Things To Know About Your World." I want to follow up with that Article by writing about four things that you need to know about yourself. If you have little to no self-awareness, being aware of your surroundings won't do you any good.

1. You Were Created To Be Creation (Not Creator)

It seems obvious, but it's not always so obvious. God was on site before you were. That means the world belongs to him. He designed everything in creation with a specific purpose. The world not only belongs to him; he knows the best way for it to operate.

I like to paint when I have some free time. After I finish a piece of art, I not only own it; I know how to best represent it. I can tell you what each stroke and color means. I'm the designer of my painting. You would look foolish coming into my loft and telling me what my painting means, even though you were never there during it's creation.

But sin reduces us all to fools. We think that we know better than God. Not only that - we think we own what he created! If God was on scene first, he owns us, but he knows what is best for us. It's the wisest decision to let him be in complete control.

2. You Were Created To Be A Revelation Receiver

I'm amazed by the senses that God gave us. Not only the sense to smell and to feel, but the ability to think and communicate different emotions. But check this out - those abilities were not first given so you could interact with other humans. Those abilities were given so that you can communicate with God.

This means that you were not designed to figure out life on your own. Human beings need truth outside of themselves in order to make sense of life. I will never be able to properly figure out life on my own without a higher source of wisdom.

What better source of wisdom than the One who created it all! But you and I, again, are reduced to fools by sin - we think we can live independent of God, independent of his Word, and independent of his design for community (the church).

3. You Were Created To Be An Interpreter

I say this all the time - human beings do not live life based on the facts of their experience, but on the interpretation of the facts. We never respond objectively to the situations in our life; we respond based on the lens that we see those situations through.

Luella and I have this experience when we go to see a movie; one of her movies! It will be mid-way through a dramatic scene and she'll begin to have an emotional reaction to a film. At the same time, I'm just interested in buying more Raisinets! If Luella and I weren't interpreters, we would have the same reaction. But we interpret life differently.

We were created to interpret life in the way that God interprets life. But sin has corrupted our interpretation skills; it clouds it with selfishness and often, stupidity. Thankfully, we have a solution - it's called the Bible. God wrote a book so that we could interpret life in a way that is wise and pure.

4. You Were Created To Be A Worshiper

You can't divide human beings up into two categories - those who worship and those who don't. Everyone falls into one category - worshiper. What we worship and how we worship might vary, but the heart of the human being was designed to worship.

Of course, God was meant to be the sole recipient of our worship, but sin devastated that. We now find temporary idols to replace worship of God. You can't fall into the trap of belief that says you only worship Sunday at a church service or at a weekend conference. Worship is first your identity before it is ever your activity.

Everyday you will worship, and it won't always be the Lord. As long as sin remains, you will be drawn to worship things that you were not designed to worship.

Now What?

I'm not going to end this Article with any practical steps to take; your situations and locations and relationships will vary greatly. But if you know these four facts about you, you will be much better prepared to deal with what God has put on your plate.

And know this - your Creator isn't a distant monarch who assembled you in cold, mechanical fashion. Nor is he a cruel God who heaps trouble on your plate and enjoys watching you struggle through life. Your Lord intimately created you for a loving relationship with him, and he now resides inside you by his spirit so that you can have everything you need for an effective and fruitful life.

Posted by Benjamin Fallon at 2:00 PM
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