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What Does God Ask Of You?

Have you ever tried to cram final words of instruction into the ears of someone, right before you leave them on their own to do something significant? Maybe that's as a parent, dropping a child off at overnight camp or university. Maybe that's as a coach or teammate, right before the big game starts. Maybe that's as a co-worker or boss, in the moments leading up to that huge presentation. Whenever I read Deuteronomy 10:12—22, I feel like I'm listening in on a similar... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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4 Ways To Experience The Fullness Of Life

Shrink wrap was a genius invention. The scientific brilliance behind it is that it always shrinks down to the exact size of whatever it has been wrapped around. Whether it's a piece of beef jerky or a boat in winter storage, the plastic molecules contour to the shape of the item to preserve and protect it. Sin has a similar effect to shrink wrap, but not in a beneficial way. On the contrary, our sinful hearts cause damage by shrinking our life down to the size of selfish desires. ... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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A Death That Leads To Life

When my mother was in her last dying moments in the hospital, artificially kept alive by technology, I avoided going into her room for as long as possible. Medically, I knew her death was unavoidable. Spiritually, I knew her death would lead to eternal life. But neither prepared me for the moment when she breathed her last. Death should be universally hated. Some deaths produce a deeper grief than others, but any type of death should be counterintuitive to the human experience. God... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, June 21, 2017
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A Way That Leads To Death

One of the biggest spiritual dangers that Christians experience on this side of eternity is death masquerading as life. The enemy will promise life, but what it actually results in is death. It was the lie that tricked Adam and Eve, and frustratingly, our sinful hearts continue to fall for the false promises. That's why we need to remind ourselves daily of the warning in Proverbs 14:12 - "There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death." ... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, June 14, 2017
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What Is A Christ-Centered Life?

"Christ-Centered" - it's a phrase we love to use. It's probably in the mission statement of your church and in the title of a book you own. But "Christ-Centered" is a lot easier to talk about than to live, isn't it? In the mundane moments of everyday life, a lot of other things compete with Christ for center stage. Today I want to share four words that have helped mold my understanding of what a Christ-centered life looks like. 1. SOURCE A... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, June 7, 2017
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Deconstructing the Kingdom of Self

What I'm about to ask won't be easy to answer. When was the last time you did something outwardly "for God" that was actually inwardly motivated by personal gain? That's a hard question because it first requires the courage of humble honesty. It's not easy for us to admit that we prioritize ourselves over our Lord and Savior. But second, it's a hard question because we struggle to see our motives, words and actions with biblical accuracy. Let me... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, May 31, 2017
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Kingdoms and Cultures

I travel a lot. I'm always thankful to return home in Philadelphia, but one of the blessings of my ministry has been the opportunity to visit dozens of countries and experience many cultures. In fact, I'm currently in Hong Kong, speaking to thousands of Chinese and other Asian and U.S. believers. Please keep me and the growing global church in your prayers this week! Whenever I land in a new country, I'm quick to ask my host about the culture. I want to be aware of any... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Treasures, Birds and Flowers

I love a good picture book. As the father of four and now a grandfather, I've seen my fair share of illustrated stories. I don't know if you've thought about this, but the best picture book of all is the Bible. God, the great Author of life, employs everyday, earthly illustrations to communicate his invisible, spiritual truths to the reader. While these pictures are splashed across nearly every page of Scripture, Jesus draws three in particular in Matthew 6 that have helped... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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Good To Great

"Good is the enemy of great." That's the opening sentence from Jim Collins's best-selling book on corporate management, Good To Great. He writes: "Good is the enemy of great. And that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great. We don't have great schools, principally because we have good schools. We don't have great government, principally because we have good government. Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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Your Kingdom Awaits

I live in Philadelphia, and a few miles outside the city limits is the King of Prussia Mall. This complex contains more dedicated retail space than any other shopping mall in the United States! A few years ago, the mall had a marketing slogan: "Your Kingdom Awaits." Whoever came up with the phrase was a brilliant theologian and deeply understood the condition of the human heart. Since the beginning of time, the lie of the Enemy has been this: ultimate joy and... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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