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Treasures, Birds and Flowers

I love a good picture book. As the father of four and now a grandfather, I've seen my fair share of illustrated stories. I don't know if you've thought about this, but the best picture book of all is the Bible. God, the great Author of life, employs everyday, earthly illustrations to communicate his invisible, spiritual truths to the reader. While these pictures are splashed across nearly every page of Scripture, Jesus draws three in particular in Matthew 6 that have helped... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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Your Kingdom Awaits

I live in Philadelphia, and a few miles outside the city limits is the King of Prussia Mall. This complex contains more dedicated retail space than any other shopping mall in the United States! A few years ago, the mall had a marketing slogan: "Your Kingdom Awaits." Whoever came up with the phrase was a brilliant theologian and deeply understood the condition of the human heart. Since the beginning of time, the lie of the Enemy has been this: ultimate joy and... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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Do You Really Want To Change?

Have you ever said, "I'll never do that again!" only to make the same mistake a few days later? If you're a Christian, at some point in your walk with God, you'll feel stuck in the same cycle of sinful decisions and foolish mistakes. So how do we get from where we are to where God wants us to be? Well, we need to start here: sometimes, we don't actually want to change. It sounds harsh, but I’ll lead the way. Maybe that selfish pleasure is just... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Don't Wait Another Year Until Easter

I hope that your church pulled out all the stops for a raucous celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Without this historic event, our Christian faith would be worthless. We should absolutely make Easter Sunday the biggest and best on the calendar. But what are you going to do with Easter for the next 364 days of the year? What will you do with Easter when a particular area of sin looks attractive to you, and you feel weak and unable? What will you do with... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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6 Reasons Why I Love Easter

I love Easter. I love the celebratory music we sing at church. I love the passages of Scripture we read during worship. Most of all, I love the visual image of the Empty Tomb. In one culminating and specific moment in history, Jesus Christ summarizes and finalizes the salvation narrative. There are 6 things in particular that I love about the Empty Tomb. 1. The Empty Tomb reveals that God is faithful. Centuries earlier, after Adam and Eve rebelled, God... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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What Were You Made To Live For

Why do little kids daydream about being a pilot or a princess? Why do college students volunteer for charitable causes? Why do sports fans lose their mind over a small round ball? Why do we keep records and try to break them? Why do we get hooked on fictional movies and scripted TV shows? Why do we look back on life and wonder what could have been? Because we all are trying to live for something bigger. This desire for transcendence – going beyond the ordinary range of... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, April 5, 2017
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What Are You Hoping For?

What do you hope will happen today? Maybe your hope is something simple. You hope that today’s forecast is warm and sunny. You hope that your packed lunch contains a personal favorite. You hope that the train isn’t as busy so you can catch up on some reading. Maybe your hope is more significant, potentially even life-changing. You hope that you will get that raise or promotion at work. You hope that the medical tests will come back clean. You hope that God will activate a heart... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Why I Go To Church

Church is wonderful. Church is important. Church is meant to remind us of the miserable condition in which sin left us and our world, and of the glorious rescue of redeeming grace. The songs we sing, the Scriptures we read, the sermons we listen to, and the prayers we engage in are all designed to keep us from ever taking the person and work of Jesus Christ for granted. Despite all of this, there are some Sundays when I don't attend church with a good attitude. I... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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The Desire of Words

He was an exhausted and discouraged husband and father. He said, in so many words, "I pray, read my Bible, and go to church. I struggle to do what's right, and people tell me to trust the Lord. But God just sits up there and lets it all happen. What good has being a Christian done for me!?" A different lady, unrelated, was married to a difficult man. Her dreams of the perfect marriage had long died. I was trying to help her understand her identity in Christ and the love God had... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, February 8, 2017
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The Sovereignty of Words

It’s probably the most powerful prayer I can remember. My father-in-law was in the hospital, suffering from an advanced case of bone cancer. It was hard to be in the room knowing the severe pain he was experiencing. But as we were leaving, Bert asked to pray. He said three things to the Lord: First, he thanked God for being good in all circumstances, even when it didn’t match our definition of good. Second, he asked God to help him be a good example to others during his suffering.... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Wednesday, February 1, 2017
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