War of Words

At some point we’ve been devastated by the words of another. And at some point, too, we used words to hurt other people.

Our communication problems will never be solved with vocabulary replacement. As Paul David Tripp explains, our talk will only be cured if we understand that words belong to the Lord.

War of Words gets to the root of our communication struggles – our heart. It's only when you worship the Lord with your heart that wholesome talk take place.

Your words can be used to build and encourage, or they can be used to tear down and destroy. The Bible clearly teaches how to get from where you are to where God wants you to be.

Do your words belong to the Lord?

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Discussion Guide

The PDF below is a Discussion Guide from the War of Words video curriculum. The video curriculum is no longer in circulation, but we have made the Discussion Guide available for free as a supplemental resource for you. Please note that the Discussion Guide does not correspond chapter-for-chapter with the book, as it was designed for the video curriculum. However, much of the content overlaps and can supplement your reading.

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