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Strengthening Marriages (Conference Audio Download)

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Equipping Mature Couples To Counsel Struggling Couples
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Marriages have needs. Two sinners reside together in a fallen world, and while the power of sin has been broken, the presence of sin still remains. This comprehensive, life-long relationship will require spiritual care.

No matter the size of your church, there will never be a staff large enough to provide for each marriage. Will many marriages be left unattended? Will the spiritual needs of couples go unnoticed?

With Strengthening Marriages, Paul Tripp provides a solution. This training series will equip mature couples to minister to struggling couples within the body of Christ. This audio curriculum will provide counsel for your own marriage while preparing you to provide counsel for other marriages.

With the Gospel, you can help others to radically change the direction of their marriage. Start building healthy marriages in your church today.

NOTE: This conference is separate from the What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage book and conference. This audio is designed to be used as a stand-alone resource.

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This conference on CD was recorded live and includes a free and reproducible Leader's Guide and Discussion Guide. You can make unlimited copies of these PDF files and use this curriculum for a small group, Sunday School class or church event of any size, but you are not permitted to duplicate the audio files in any way.

Total Run Time

4 hours, 4 minutes.

File Format:

This conference is available as ten (10) .mp3 audio files.

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223 MB.