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Portrait Of A Struggle (Conference Audio Download)

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Fallen World: What To Think, When To Resist
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Why is there so much hurt and pain in the world? Why are the normal things of everyday life such a struggle?

In the midst of the difficulty, we’re tempted to give up. We’re tempted to question God and His character. But in His love, God has chosen to keep us in this broken world.

God uses these hardships to do wonderful things in us. But more wonderful is the fact that we’re not alone in the struggle.

You don’t have to face these difficulties alone. Your Redeemer lives smack dab in the middle of your struggle.

Watch the portrait of everyday life painted in a much better way.

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"Paul Tripp masterfully shows us how God's Grace and Love play out on the stage of life's difficulties . This is not "how to get out of my struggle" but what is God showing me in the struggle. His careful use of scripture will take you to places you have never been, and your pilgrimage will be seen from a different perspective."

- Mike Minter, Teaching Pastor, Reston Bible Church, Reston, VA

This conference on CD was recorded live and includes a free and reproducible Leader's Guide and Discussion Guide. You can make unlimited copies of these PDF files and use this curriculum for a small group, but you are not permitted to duplicate the audio files in any way.

Total Run Time

4 hours, 10 minutes.

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This conference is available as ten (10) .mp3 audio files.

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228 MB.