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Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family (Small Groups Tips)

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How to use "Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles" in your small group with discussion

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For Small Groups

If you want to use the Parenting book in a study, small group or class environment, you could create your own discussion questions with a little bit of advance preparation. Below are some helpful tips and strategies to turn this book into a study guide:

In some chapters, there are application questions embedded right there in the book. For example, Chapter 1 has these questions in the first few pages:

  • “Do physical things get in the way of, or create needless tension in, your parenting?”
  • “How has the value of career success impacted your commitment to the work that God has called you to as parents?”
  • “Do ministry decisions and commitments make it hard for you to faithfully do your work as a parent?”

By reading the chapter in advance of the group meeting and highlighting these questions, you will have plenty of material to discuss.

Then, for others points Paul writes about, you’ll just need to add a “how” or “why” or “when” or “what” to a question, followed by “be specific” or “this past week” or “give ___ examples.”

For example, in Chapter 2, here are three “main points” Paul makes about grace:

  1. “Like everything else God calls people to, God doesn’t call people to be parents because they are able”
  2. “God’s grace frees you from having to deny your weaknesses”
  3. “God’s grace liberates you from the prison of regret”

Here are three adjustments you can make to those three points to transform them into discussion questions:

  1. How did you express your inability as a parent this week? Give two examples.
  2. What weaknesses have you been denying as a parent? How can embracing that weakness make you a better parent?
  3. What regrets do you have as a parent? How can grace liberate you from those regrets? Be specific.

We hope that these tips are helpful for you!