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El Llamamiento Peligroso (Dangerous Calling)

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Enfrentando Los Singulares Desafíos Del Ministerio Pastoral
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El Llamaniento Peligroso pone a manifiesto la realidad de que la cultura que rodea a nuestros pastores está espiritualmente insalubre - un entorno que activamente perjudica el bienestar y eficacia de nuestros lideres eclesiásticos y por tanto los del cuerpo entero de Cristo.

Auqí está un libro que ofrece una diagnosis y también la respuesta para las cosas que impactan a todo miembro y a todo líder de nuestras iglesias, y asimismo proporciona estrategias sólidas para combatir con las fuerzas que saquean nuestras iglesias hoy día.

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"Every pastor and church board out there should read Paul Tripp's book, Dangerous Calling. It's much needed."

- Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church; author, The Explicit Gospel

"This is a book every person in ministry should read. It will cut you to the heart and bring massive conviction, also it provides biblical remedies for healing. I would love to put this book in the hand of every seminarian who walks on my campus."

- Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"If this book were a sermon, it would be the most weighty and refreshing sermon you've ever needed to hear. My sincere hope is that this book would be translated into multiple languages, become required reading in seminaries, and be distributed to Christians everywhere."

- Burk Parsons, Associate Pastor, Saint Andrew's Chapel; editor, TableTalk Magazine

"There is a very dark and destructive force working against pastors today. With much wisdom and conviction, Tripp's Dangerous Calling preaches the gospel of grace to the men who are preaching the gospel Sunday after Sunday to everyone but themselves."

- Eric C. Redmond, Council Member, The Gospel Coalition

"Few would regard a pastor's role as a dangerous calling, but few people are as qualified and insightful as Paul Tripp to penetrate the snares and potential pitfalls associated with pastoral ministry. This excellent volume should be read, re-read, and applied."

- Terry Virgo, Founder, Newfrontiers Church Network

Publisher Information

Published in 2014 by Publicaciones Faro de Gracia

ISBN: 978-1-9289-8089-6

Book Format

Paperback Spanish

Page Count: 300