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Living Productively In A World Gone Bad
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Sin has ravaged the house that God created. Our world sits slumped, groaning for the restoration that can only be accomplished by the hands of the Builder.

The bad news is that we’re living in the midst of the restoration process. But the good news is that the divine Builder will not relent until His house is made new again.

Someday we’ll live forever in a fully restored house. In the meantime, Emmanuel resides with us today, returning His house to its former beauty.

Broken Down House reminds you that you live in a place damaged by sin. But you don’t have to be discouraged and depressed.

Live productively in this broken world.

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"Paul Tripp shows that even though Christians remain broken people living in a broken world, God has equipped us to become his agents of renewal. The fact that he has chosen to use our broken but redeemed heads, hearts, and hands to do his work ought to both encourage us and rouse us to hopeful action. Read this helpful book. It will do your soul good."

- Tullian Tchividjian,, Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; author, Jesus + Nothing = Everything

"There is a lot of biblical wisdom here, exactly what we have come to expect from its author. Paul Tripp makes plain how we can truly experience the restoration of a broken-down life ravaged by sin but made new in Christ."

- Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Paul's writing meets us where we are and directs us to where God has called us to be. If you need to understand how Scripture sparks change in real life, read Tripp!"

- Dave Harvey, Sovereign Grace Ministries

" Paul Tripp reminds us that although we often feel helpless, we are actually filled with the same life-giving, world changing power that resurrected Jesus from the grave. As we embrace this power we can enter the most dilapidated rooms of creation and transform them through the love of Christ."

- Ken Sande, President, Peacemaker Ministries

Published in 2009 by Shepherd Press

Printed ISBN: 978-0-9815-4006-1

Printed Page Count: 250