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Awe (Small Groups Tips)

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How to use "AWE" in your small group

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For Small Groups

In the back of Paul Tripp's AWE book, there is an advertisement for a video-based curriculum with a study guide. At the moment, that curriculum is not yet available. We have plans to record and release the curriculum, but there is no established timeline.

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However, if you want to use the AWE book only in a study or small group or class environment, you could create your own discussion questions with a little bit of advance preparation. Below are some helpful tips and strategies to turn this book into a study guide:

Sometimes, he'll write specific questions in italics. For example, in Chapter 5, under the subheading "Our Blind Amnesia" Paul has this question embedded in the chapter - "When do you tend to get angry because life hasn’t worked according to your plan?"

There are multiple questions like this in the chapter and throughout the book. Some are italicized, others are not. By reading the chapter in advance of the group meeting and highlighting these questions, you will have plenty of material to discuss.

Then, for others points Paul writes about, you’ll just need to add a “how” or “why” or “when” or “what” to a question, followed by “be specific” or “this past week” or “give ___ examples.”

For example, in Chapter 4, there are five points Paul makes (and in parentheses, we have adjusted those points to turn them into discussion questions)

  1. Your emotional life is always a window into what has captured your awe (How did your emotional life this week reveal what has captured your awe?)
  2. Awe amnesia always leads to awe replacement (What do you think has replaced the awe of God in your life this year? Give one or two patterns you have seen)
  3. We replace vertical awe with horizontal addiction (Where have you felt yourself being pulled towards addictive behavior? Give an example)
  4. We quickly replace awe of God with awe of self (Have you experienced relational conflict recently? How may it be the result of awe of self)
  5. Only grace can give us back our awe of God again (What can you do to position yourself closer to the grace of God)

We hope that these tips are helpful for you!