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Parenting: It's Not What You Think Streaming License

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On-Demand Replay Until June 30, 2022
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Many moms and dads are exhausted, discouraged, and frustrated, but pastor and father-of-four Paul Tripp is filled with hope about parenting. Discover why when you stream his newest four-session conference and learn the principles to raise children God's way - including how to navigate the specific challenges or raising teens and pre-teens in a world gone sexually insane.

Parenting: It's Not What You Think It Is is available for on-demand replay until June 30, 2022. Your Streaming License includes four video lessons and a Bonus Study Guide, making it the perfect resource for a mom and dad, your next small group series, Sunday school curriculum, or parents ministry!

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Sessions Include:

  1. Give Up Control - 44:49
  2. Shape Their Character - 44:52
  3. Thrive In The Teen Years - 45:20
  4. Rest In God - 41:47

Preview the Bonus Study Guide included with your Streaming License.

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