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Event FAQs

Below are answers to common questions regarding a Paul Tripp event. If you have questions that are unanswered, please still fill out the Event Request Form to the best of your ability and we'll be happy to communicate with you regarding your request.

PLEASE NOTE: Your church or organization does not become obligated or committed in any way after filling out the Event Request Form, nor is Paul Tripp Ministries required to accept your request and schedule an event. By filling out this form, you're simply giving Paul Tripp Ministries an opportunity to answer questions about availability, cost, scheduling and other event-related information.

Where will Paul speak?

Paul's weekend conferences are the most popular event. A church - or a group of churches - will host an event with Paul Tripp as the primary speaker. These conferences have five 50-minute sessions and are typically broken up with two sessions on a Friday evening (7:00pm - 9:15pm) and three sessions on a Saturday morning (9:00am - 12:15pm).

Paul also attends events with multiple plenary speakers and breakout sessions. When filling out the Event Request Form, please specify what type of event you are hosting.

How much does it cost to have Paul speak?

Speaking fees and expenses vary depending on the type of event, amount of travel required, length of time away and other relevant factors. We'll be happy to discuss what would be involved for Paul to speak at your church or organization after you fill out the Event Request Form.

Is there a minimum event size?

Size is only one of many factors we use when determining which events to accept. There is a high demand for Paul to speak around the world - we receive over 600 requests each year - and with his heavy writing schedule and other ministry commitments, we can only accept 25 event invitations annually. The average attendance at those events is 1000 people, and in order to be a good steward of Paul's time, we have set a minimum size attendance goal for each event at 500 people.

If your church or organization would like to host an event with Paul, your venue would need to seat 500 or more people. In addition, you would need to be able to attract 500 or more attendees. Many times, a smaller church will co-host an event and will partner with other churches in the area to achieve our minimum attendance goal. We love it when a group of churches get together and reach out to the community on an important topic like marriage or parenting!

What topics does Paul speak on?

Paul speaks on a variety of different topics, listed below. His two most sought-after events are the Marriage and Parenting weekend conferences, but Paul can customize the topic to fit the needs of your church or organization.

  • MARRIAGE: Unlike other marriage events that only diagnoses horizontal problems, the What Did You Expect? conference fights a much deeper war over the worship of your heart. It's only when you worship God as Creator, Sovereign and Savior that you will ever love your spouse as you should. Even though it's titled a marriage conference, Paul recommends inviting people from all walks of life: teenagers, college students, engaged couples, newlyweds, a couple celebrating their 60th anniversary, and those who have experienced divorce. This event helps everyone understand their relationships. Learn more...
  • PARENTING: Parenting is hard, but there are few things in life that rise to this level of importance. The Getting to the Heart of Parenting conference will help parents of all ages become instruments of heart-changing grace in the lives of their children. Learn more...
  • SEX: We live in a world obsessed with sexual pleasure. The Sexuality Sanity in a World Gone Crazy conference will expose the lies of our flesh and the ways we distort God’s good gift, and instead offer practical guidance on finding true joy and enduring satisfaction. Learn more...
  • SUFFERING: The Bible says that suffering should not take us by surprise, and the When Suffering Enters Your Door conference will teach you how seek God in the middle of pain while equipping you to be an agent of comfort to those in need. Learn more...
  • MINISTRY: There's a serious problem within pastoral culture, and the Dangerous Calling conference will discuss the spiritual life of the pastor and the community that surrounds him. It's the most honest discussion of ministry you'll encounter. Learn more...
  • COMMUNITY: God has not called us to live in isolation as believers. The Your Walk with God is a Community Project conference introduce a community of faith that is designed to be intentionally intrusive, Christ-centered, grace driven and redemptive. Learn more...
  • CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Christian education is a battle, but not between teacher and student. The Your Christian School conference equips you to fight for the heart of your student and transform your school into a culture of grace where education thrives. Learn more...

What other options are available to me?

If you're unable to have Paul Tripp speak in person at your church, we've recorded his conferences and made them available on DVD or Digital Video. Each conference comes with a free and reproducible Leader's Guide and Discussion Guide, making it ideal for a church-wide event, Sunday School class, small group or leadership training program.

  • Church-Wide Event: Instead of having Paul speak live, simply play the DVD or Digital Video at your church-wide event. We can provide you with the event packets that contain the outlines and illustrations referred to in the video. Send an e-mail to ben@paultripp.com with the details of your event and he will be happy to assist you. Please Note: You are not permitted to charge admission or a registration fee to an event where a Paul Tripp DVD or Digital Video is being used.
  • Sunday School Class, Small Group or Leadership Training: Our DVDs are broken up into ten 25-minute sessions and come with a free and reproducible Leader's Guide and Discussion Guide. These make for great 10-week curriculums for your Sunday School class, Small Group or Leadership Training. Please Note: While you are encouraged to make unlimited copies of the PDF guides, you are not permitted to duplicate or post the video in any way.