We're All Dreamers


We're All Dreamers

We all do it. Even though we don't plan to do it, we still do it. Even though we don’t think about doing it, we still do it. Even though we don’t take time out to do it, we still do it. What do we do? We dream.

The little boy has visions of being a fireman or an astronaut, and he can see himself in the future driving the truck or rocketing into space.

The teenage girl dreams of going off to college, of her future roommate, of what dorm life will be like. She can envision herself curled up on the bed with four or five other girls laughing hysterically about something that happened in the cafeteria.

The young adult imagines his ascent to a very successful career. He envisions conversations of praise with the boss. He envisions getting accommodation at the annual corporate banquet. He imagines winning the great vacation because of the success of his sales.

The young couple with children looks to the future and sees themselves alone again, enjoying the post-parenting years. They envision themselves saying goodbye one by one to the children as they enter adult life. They envision the empty house, the vacations together, and the quiet evenings at Starbucks.

The wife sits in her 1950’s kitchen and imagines what it will be like when it's finally remodeled.

The sick person envisions what it would be like to be well again, what health would feel like, and how different life would be if they could just be healthy once more.

You see, you can't escape it. You're always looking forward; you’re always imagining; you're always dreaming. Think about it. You can listen to someone describe a place you have not been to and have a picture of it in your head. You can read a novel and you're able to conjure up in your mind exactly what every character looks like. You can listen to a sermon and you can see God.

Now you need to hear this: you're always doing something with your ability to dream. What you do with your ability to dream does something with your life. What are you doing with your ability to dream? Are you pursuing dreams for your own glory, or are you pursuing God-glorifying dreams? Are you pursuing dreams for your own kingdom, or are you pursuing Kingdom-of-God dreams?

I want to encourage you to listen to my latest Right Here, Right Now series: Your Imagination - Whose Kingdom? In these five episodes, I'll unpack God's gift of imagination and how it can be used for His glory, or for our own selfishness.

So go ahead. Take 25 minutes to listen to an episode on my website, or you can subscribe to the iTunes podcast.

Posted by Benjamin Fallon at 7:00 AM
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