To Mourn

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To Mourn

To mourn
we are by mercy called,
to look
to see
to feel
the weight of sin.
We must not turn our face away
must not deny
what lurks within.
We must not let our hearts grow
we must not work to feel
We must not numb this stain away.
Jesus died to break our shame
to calm our fears
to open our eyes
to soften our hearts
to enliven our souls
so we would mourn
and in mourning
find grace,
the grace of confession
the grace of forgiveness
the grace of renewal
the grace of transformation
the grace of deliverance
the grace of fresh starts and new beginnings
the grace of surrender
the grace of celebration,
the blessings only ever found
when we mourn at the feet
of our Savior.

Posted by Dalton Greiner at 6:00 AM
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