The Best of Dangerous Calling 2013


The Best of Dangerous Calling 2013

A little over a year ago, Crossway published my book, Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry. What God has done since is amazing.

Everywhere I go, a pastor (or groups of pastors) will come up to me and share what God has taught them through the material. We've received countless e-mails of thanks. People everywhere are taking to social media - just search #dangerouscalling and see how people have been blessed. All glory to God!

This year I began posting Articles derived from the book onto my website. The Gospel Coalition and The Christian Post featured them as well. Below were the Top Three most viewed Dangerous Calling articles on, as well as the Top Three most viewed Dangerous Calling video interviews that I did with DesiringGod.

If you haven't had time to read the book or watch the conference, why not make 2014 the year? Get your copy of Dangerous Calling here...


#1. The Futility of Control and Your Reason to Rest

As a pastor, I learned the hard way that my ministry was either propelled by hope-motivating rest in God's sovereignty or fear-inducing belief that success would be the result of me controlling everything. In my early morning waking moments, in those quiet moments in the car or as my body gave way to sleep, I would pepper myself with a long list of "what ifs" and "if onlys."

This habit never produced greater courage or rest. It only tempted me to wonder if I had what it takes and pushed me to try to control things that I couldn’t control. But over and over again in grace my heavenly Father came to me through his Word and the ministry of others and reminded me of the only place rest could be found.

I did the same thing again and again when our children resisted our instruction and correction. I did it again and again when they debated a command or questioned our plans. I did it again and again when they opposed our authority and quested for self-rule. I did it again and again for two good reasons.

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#2. One Ministry, Two Kingdoms

It took God employing hardship for me to embrace the inescapable reality that everything I did in ministry was done in allegiance to, and in pursuit of, either the kingdom of self or the kingdom of God. This truth is best exegeted for us in Matthew 6:19-34.

I'm convinced that this passage elaborately unpacks the thoughts, desires, and actions of the kingdom of self. Notice the turn in Matthew 6:33, where Jesus says, "But seek first the kingdom of God." The word BUT tells us this verse is the transition point of the passage. Everything before it explains the operation of another kingdom, the kingdom of self. This makes the passage a very helpful lens on the struggle between these two kingdoms in everyone's heart.

I want to examine four treasure principles that emerge from this passage that I find helpful as I seek to examine the motivations of my own heart in ministry. I have included plenty of personal reflection questions for you to consider, and since you don't always see yourself with accuracy, you could use this as a small group/devotional resource with your fellow pastors or elders or ministry leaders.

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#3. Do You Know Your Pastor?

How well do you know your pastor? I don't mean where he went to seminary and what his weekly schedule looks like. How well do you KNOW your pastor. I'm afraid that many times, we don't actually look after the soul of the man leading our church; we ask too few questions and make too many assumptions.

I've written about this many times, and I cover it again in the video below, but pastoral ministry is never shaped solely by knowledge, skill, ministry philosophy, and experience. It's always shaped by the condition of the pastors heart. And if we, as the body of Christ, aren't intentionally pursuing the heart of our pastor, how can we expect him to be in a healthy spiritual position?

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#1. Knowledge Does Not Mean Maturity

#2. Building a Culture of Grace in Your Church

#3. Recovering The Awe

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