Such Mystery

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Such Mystery

Such mystery
the eternal one
enters time
the Creator
becomes a creature
God becomes a man
The Son of Man
carried by one he created
Such mystery
the Law Giver
submits to law’s commands
The all-sufficient one
a dependent child
The King of Kings
in a stable born
Such mystery
Lord of Lords
greeted by shepherds not kings
The one all should serve
comes to serve
The one without need
now hungry and tired
Such mystery
the creator of Adam
becomes the Second Adam
The glorious one
becomes our substitute
righteous for us
suffering for us
dying for us
rising for us
Such mystery
for us now
but from eternity planned
that we would know him
forgiven by him
adopted through him
united to him
Such mystery
will someday be no more
he who came to us
will receive us
to be with him
like him forever
in that final place
where all things are new.

Posted by Dalton Greiner at 6:00 AM
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