5 Most Popular Posts of 2015

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5 Most Popular Posts of 2015

2015 has been a tough year for me, my family, and for my ministry, but despite the multiple surgeries and hospital visits, God has graciously allowed me to continue to write. By that same grace, PaulTripp.com saw more visitors in 2015 than any other year!

Here were the 5 most popular posts from last year:

1. 23 Things That Love Is

Here's a gospel-centered reminder about how to love, and you don't have to be romantically in love to find this list practical. Every healthy relationship requires love and sacrifice, so if you're a parent, child, sibling, neighbor, pastor, or co-worker, this list is for you.

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2. Read This On Christmas Morning

I don't know what your family traditions are, but I would hope that the reading of the Word of God is included on the agenda for Christmas Day. The Scripture passage that you're about to read doesn't immediately come to mind as a Christmas passage, but it's one that should be included in every gathering. Here's why.

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3. True Love

Real, biblical, self-sacrificing, God-honoring love never compromises what God says is right and true. Truth and love are inextricably bound together. This post includes 7 examples of truth in love, plus 5 reflection questions to make it real for your own life.

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4. Human Relationships

You should be thankful for the people whom God places in your life. You should love them dearly. You should treat them with honor and respect. You should do all you can to maintain the unity and peace of your relationship. But, you cannot look to people to provide for you what only Christ can provide. Here are 9 things human relationships can't do for you.

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5. What Makes A Man

There is an unavoidable cultural conversation taking place both outside and inside the church: what does a real man look like? This ongoing debate will shape the lives of thousands of boys who are in the process of becoming men. Here are my 8 conclusions from Scripture.

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Posted by Benjamin Fallon at 4:00 AM
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