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The Conversation That Saved My Ministry

I was discouraged and defeated. I had moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania to help launch a gospel-centered church, but I had no idea what a spiritually stony place Scranton would prove to be. There was a cultural malaise that enveloped the region. It had once been the epicenter of the old Northeastern coal belt, but it's boom days were long ago over. In fact, you could argue that the American dream had died in 1950 in Scranton. People in this rusting mountain city felt like they had been... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Worst Job Description Ever

Have you ever held a job that you absolutely dreaded going to? Has there ever been a certain task that you had to complete as part of that job that made you want to resign? What about outside of the workplace, in your Christian life? Has God ever asked you to do something that you dreaded? Or, is there one thing lurking that if God asked you to do, you would be inclined to say no and run far away? In today's story of faith, I want to introduce you to a fellow believer who was... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Thursday, November 9, 2017

Our Definition Of Ministry Is Too Limited

How would you define ministry? Maybe you define ministry as leading or participating in a mid-week small group. Maybe ministry means volunteering to feed the homeless after church. Maybe ministry looks like giving up a week of paid vacation and instead going on a missions trip to a foreign country. Perhaps your definition of ministry is shaped by a specific role - on the worship team, a youth group leader, a pastor, a deacon, an elder, or Sunday school teacher. None of... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Christian Job Description

When I was a young seminary student, I had to read an extensive commentary by a Dutch theologian. I had never studied Dutch writing before, and I really struggled to understand the syntax. I asked an older student for help, and he directed me to an annotated outline of another theologian who had dissected the work of my Dutch theologian. But when I picked up this outline, I discovered it was longer and more complex than the original work I was studying! Keeping It Simple During my years... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Monday, October 26, 2015

Ambassadors For Christ

If you've heard me speak or if you've read any of my books, what I'm about to write shouldn't be new to you: if you're an adopted child of God, you're not just called to be a recipient of saving grace; you've now been called to be a participant of that same redeeming grace. In other words - pastors aren't supposed to be the only Christians in ministry. Every believer is called to be in ministry, not necessarily by vocation (in a salaried position), and... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Monday, July 13, 2015

Preaching Questions

I recently wrote an Article entitled, "Life-Changing Sermons," not because I think I have the ability to preach life-changing sermons, but rather because the Bible promises that God's Word has the ability to change lives (Isaiah 55:10-13). Many readers e-mailed me questions about what I had written, so I sat down in front a camera to respond. Managing Time Sermon Series Nutritious Sermons Practical Theology Cultural Narratives Personal... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Monday, June 29, 2015

Life-Changing Sermons

What I'm about to write will probably get me into trouble: I'm deeply persuaded that there's entirely too much mediocrity in the church of Jesus Christ when it comes to pastors preparing and delivering their sermons. I'm tired of hearing boring, inadequately prepared theological lectures, delivered by uninspired pastors reading manuscripts, regurgitating their favorite exegetical commentaries, recasting the sermons of their favorite preachers, or reshaping notes from one of their seminary... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Monday, May 18, 2015

Every Ministry Morning

Every morning of your ministry, you'll wake up with some emotion in your soul. Some mornings you'll wake up with fear and dread, recalling a painful crisis the night has not taken away. Some mornings you'll wake up discouraged, overwhelmed and overburdened by your shepherding responsibilities. Some mornings you'll wake up angry and bitter, feeling underappreciated, undervalued, and misunderstood. Every morning of your ministry, it won't be hard to find reasons to complain or feel... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Monday, May 4, 2015

11 Ministry Reminders

Ministry is a calling - and it's a dangerous one. I would argue that every child of God is called to ministry in some capacity. By that, I simply mean that each recipient of grace is meant to be a participant in the work of grace as well. I love what the Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:20 - "Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us." (ESV) But then there are those who have been called to full-time vocational ministry. This could be a pastor, a worship... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Monday, February 23, 2015

9 Questions For Ministry Leaders

If you're a pastor, counselor, elder, missionary, or ministry leader, your job description will always require the exegesis, or interpretation, of Scripture. Understanding and explaining the Word of God to your people is critically important to your calling. But in all my years of preaching and teaching, I've discovered a troubling trend - ministry leaders often forget to exegete their people. Let me explain what I mean. In ministry, your work needs be shaped and motivated by the Two... Read More
Posted by Benjamin Fallon at Monday, January 5, 2015