A Shelter in the Time of Storm | Paul Tripp

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A Shelter in the Time of Storm

It might be the dirty secret of the church. We sing great hymns of God’s sovereignty but our lives are defined by nervousness, disappointment and discouragement.

The problem is that we put our faith in things that fail us. The created world was never meant to be our spiritual refuge. So when we run to it for hope, we end up with only more trouble. We’re asking creation to do for us what only the Creator can do.

A Shelter in the Time of Storm analyzes Psalm 27 in fifty-two meditations. It pairs trouble with worship, difficulty with beauty, and evil people with the mercy of God.

Paul David Tripp reveals how Psalm 27 will fill our hearts with a patient hope that grows strong in the middle of difficult days. You’re never alone in your trouble.

There's only one true source of refuge.

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