Why It Matters For Everything We Think, Say, & Do

Humans are hardwired for awe. Whether it’s the Grand Canyon, a beautiful work of art, or the birth of a baby, we love to be amazed. But there’s something—or Someone, rather—who surpasses all others: God himself.

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New Morning Mercies

A Daily Gospel Devotional

Mornings can be tough; sometimes, a hearty breakfast and strong cup of coffee just aren’t enough. In these 365 devotionals, Paul David Tripp helps readers encounter the living God with the good news that they need to trust in God’s goodness, rely on his grace, and live for his glory - day in and day out.

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When Suffering Enters Your Door

Are you in a moment of suffering right now? Are you close to someone facing hardship? The Bible says that suffering should not take us by surprise; it's the universal experience of all humanity. In this study, Paul David Tripp exposes you to the wisdom of Scripture and the practical guidance it gives to those in moments of suffering.

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Sex and Money

Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies

Pleasure. We live in a world obsessed with finding it, passionate about enjoying it, and desperate about maintaining it. Chief among such objects of affection are sex and money - two pleasures unequaled in their power to captivate our attention and demand our worship.

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Dangerous Calling

Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry

After traveling the globe and speaking to thousands of pastors, elders, and ministry leaders, Paul David Tripp has discovered a serious problem within pastoral culture. It's the most honest discussion of ministry you will encounter.

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What Did You Expect?

Redeeming the Realities of Marriage

Unlike other marriage resources, What Did You Expect? fights a much deeper war over the worship of our heart. It’s only when we worship God as Creator, Sovereign and Savior that we will ever love as we should. Start working on a marriage of unity, understanding, and love.

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Strengthening Marriages

Equipping Mature Couples to Counsel Struggling Couples

Building upon principles from Redeeming the Realities of Marriage, this training curriculum provides counsel for your own marriage while equipping you to provide counsel for other marriages. Start nurturing healthy marriages in your church today.

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Getting to the Heart of Parenting

Parenting is hard, but there are few things in life that rise to this level of importance. God has chosen parents to be primary instruments in the shaping of a human soul. Learn how to become an instrument of heart-changing grace in the lives of your children.

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Age of Opportunity

A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens

The teenage years often present difficulty for parents. But we should be shocked and saddened by the cultural cynicism toward these year; teenagers are portrayed as objects that need to be controlled and restrained. Discover the exciting possibilities about parenting your teens.

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How People Change

How Christ Changes Us By His Grace

The Gospel of Jesus Christ promises a changed heart, but so many of us are stuck. How People Change targets our heart, because when our core desires motivations change, our behavior follows. Discover your new potential in Christ.

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Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change

We would be relieved if God placed our sanctification in the hands of trained and paid professionals, but that's simply not the biblical model. Don’t sit on the sideline - make ministry your life and life your ministry. Become an effective tool of change in the lives of others.

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A Mess Worth Making

We're created for community - vertical community with God and horizontal community with each other. But relationships can be messy and hurtful. Paul David Tripp and Tim Lane unpack the biblical issues surrounding community. Don't miss out on what God is doing in your relationships.

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A Quest for More

Living for Something Bigger Than You

We all have the desire to be part of something bigger. The Bible would reveal that we're hardwired for glory. But when we seek glory in all the wrong places, we're asking Less to do what only More can do. Don't settle for Less. Start living for more.

Paperback Book ($8.49)

Whiter Than Snow

Meditations on Sin and Mercy

Through 52 short meditations, Whiter Than Snow unpacks King David's confession Psalm 51. It's one of moral failure, personal awareness, and grief that leads to repentance, commitment, and hope. Discover God's grace for every new beginning.

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A Shelter in the Time of Storm

Meditations on God and Trouble

It might be the dirty secret of the church. We sing great hymns of God’s sovereignty but our lives are defined by nervousness, disappointment and discouragement. The problem is that we put our faith in things that fail us. There's only one true source of refuge.

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War of Words

Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles

Our communication problems will never be solved with vocabulary replacement. Our talk will only be cured if we understand that words belong to the Lord. War of Words gets to the root of our communication struggles – our heart. Do your words belong to the Lord?

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Broken Down House

Living Productively in a World Gone Bad

Sin has ravaged the house that God created. But the Divine Builder will not relent until His house is made new again. You live in a place damaged by sin but you don't have to be discouraged and unproductive. Be fruitful in this broken down house.

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Lost in the Middle

Midlife and the Grace of God

As we grow older, we tend to look back on life and have regrets. We realize we're not the person we once wanted to be. It's easy to get discouraged and lose our way. But with Christ, you don't have to be afraid of life. Don't get lost in the middle of your own story.

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Why You Can't Live Without It

Having an eternity perspective will enable you to live for something bigger than yourself and larger than this moment. When you understand eternity, you lead a life of greater significance and peace. Forever - you can’t live without it.

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Your Walk with God

Your Walk with God is a Community Project

The Bible teaches that community is mandatory to a life of faith. We're designed to influence each other through intentionally intrusive, Christ centered, grace driven, and redemptive community. Real growth and change is possible in vibrant community.

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Your Christian School

Your Christian School: A Culture of Grace?

Rules restrain and expose sin, but they never deliver us from sin. A biblical perspective tells us that a deeper war is being fought - for the heart. Is your Christian school a place where the heart is the target? Transform your school into a culture of grace where education thrives.

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Portrait of a Struggle

Fallen World: What to Think, When to Resist

Why are the normal things of everyday life such a struggle? Scripture presents that God, in love, has chosen to keep His children in the middle of the struggle. But we're not alone. Our Redeemer lives smack dab in the middle of it with us. Watch a portrait be painted of a much better way.

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Good and Angry

How to be Good and Angry

Not all anger is wrong. God is filled with a holy anger, and we must share in His character. Yet sin has corrupted our hearts, so what starts off as righteous anger can become selfish and destructive. Deal with the root problems of anger and get biblical hope as you face it.

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Get practical help for life's tough problems. In these short booklets, Paul David Tripp tackles the issues of domestic abuse and the challenges of raising adopted children. More booklets, from Paul Tripp and others, are available as part of the Resources for Changing Lives series by CCEF.

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