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Lost In The Middle (Audio Book Download)

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Midlife And The Grace of God
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As we grow older, we look back on life and have regrets. We're discouraged by the passing of our dreams. We realize we're not the person we once want to be.

Some people turn into cynics. Others become paralyzed. But the Bible teaches that this life is not our destination. It's a preparation for a final destination. And that makes all the difference .

Lost in the Middle reveals that difficulties in life aren't evidence of God's inattention. In fact, they are signs of His grace, love, and faithfulness. God will take us where we don't want to go to produce in us what we couldn't achieve on our own. It's called uncomfortable grace.

When you begin to accept uncomfortable grace, it changes everything about your life. Aging, regret, and disappointment are no longer paralyzing realities. You no longer have to be afraid of life. You can move forward with anticipation because God is with you.

Don't get lost in the middle of your story.

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Downloadable Audio Book as 13 .mp3 audio files - Preface and 12 Chapters.

Read by Paul David Tripp.

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"If you are "lost in the middle" of life and need more than a band aide, this is your book. I'm an old guy far beyond the "middle" and this book spoke healing and refreshing truth to me."

- Steve Brown, Broadcast, Key Life Radio

"There is a big difference between living and existing; between acquiring things and valuing people. Paul Tripp understands the difference and for those lost in the middle, he shows the way out."

- Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist; host of After Hours with Cal Thomas

"Regardless of your age or perceived level of personal crisis, you'll read your story in the pages of this book and be encouraged by the relevance of these timeless truths."

- Don Whitney, author; Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Southern Seminary